A continuation of my last post.

Considering I’m a writer (and online for that matter) you must have had some thought as to my personality. I know a lot of people, but they all seem to have the same idea. I sound smart, so I must be. I get good grades, so it comes easily.and all those things box my personality. I’m placed in to one category, which I will stay in forever unless something drastic happens. That’s why people are always looking for a fresh start. They change schools or move to a different country because they know that the people here will always have that underlying idea of who they are. They know they can’t change that so if they meet new people they can give a new first impression. These are just small ideas. Sometimes it can be a mistake or something that happens to you which changes their impression, but not for the better. Sometimes it can harsher. Stereotypes are created based on how you look. Based on where your from. A very small characteristic which they use to define you. Sometimes these stereotypes are right, sometimes they’re wrong. But the idea is that it doesn’t decide anything. There are many factors needed to take into consideration and you can’t know this until you talk to someone.until then you don’t know why that person does well in school, or why they don’t have a lot of friends, or why they wear black all the time. You don’t know why they wear a scarf, or a cross, or have a tattoo on their neck.they are individuals and they are unique.

Hello, I know it has been a very long time but I decided to take a break as inspiration and time was very limited for me.
But I have something for you to think about. A man on e said that that of you do the same thing every single day nothing will ever change. And someone said that if you go too many days thinking this isn’t what I want to do, then you need to make a change. Now I went through that sort of phase. Where I wasn’t satisfied with where I was and I kept telling myself that it was where I had to be in order to get where I want to be.but life isn’t about being somewhere and attempting to reach your goal. It isn’t a run, where you only become something once you’ve finished. Life is a continuous journey. You attempt to do something, you do it. You fall down, you get back up. I went to school, came home, listened to teachers, listened to my parents, only letting go when I was alone. I want to be somewhere, but why is that place never where I am? I want to do something, but why is it never what I am actually doing? I’m sitting in my room writing this. I would look out of the window but the curtains are closed. I haven’t gone out for days. I spend most of my time in bed asking myself why I’m not doing nothing productive. Why I’m not doing anything at all…