It’s a new time for me.i feel like its a time where I’m gonna be different, where things will be time has gone by I have realised that I am wasting it and so much more could be done. I see all of these people doing something, trying to achieve their dreams and becoming who they want…

And then I look at me. What am I doing?

Nothing is the answer, nothing that will help me, nothing that I particularly want do, nothing at all.

It’s spring, its somewhat warm, the sun is out;its bright.i can feel the energy, know there’s something there for me to do, and today I have come to the realisation that if you have the option of doing nothing and doing something, doing something is not always the right choice. But when choosing between doing nothing and doing something that you love, something that will help someone… Then that is always the right choice. But in order for you to do what you love, you must work for it.
That is my conclusion,and for work to be done, one must be doing something;therefore not nothing, and so there is no excuse for wing lazy.