“To them this is just some place… But to us, this is our home”


something happened…

Something happened today. Something bad. I don’t quite understand it, or to what extent it will grow, but i know it will get worse. I know.

she found out, he found out, they found out, and suddenly the whole world knows whats going on. what is going on? are they okay , will she be okay. what did they talk about? will he shout, will he scream.


that’s the problem. things will always happen, just like today and I’ve considered what  i should do. I’ve taken precautions and listed the options but you can never prepare enough. Something always happens and then you walk around hoping for the best: but how can you hope for the best when you don’t know the worst. We’re all hidden from the truth somehow and no one else is going to tell us what it is: is going to spell it out. You have to find out for yourself.

So my preparation for next time is forget about what has happened and think about what your going to do. The past cant be changed and you don’t know the possibilities for the future until you take some action.

Do something.

The sky stays blue, the world keeps spinning, and the oceans are as wide and full as they have always been.

sometimes there is nothing to say, and you are left watching. In awe…