Ok, so as I’ve got a couple more people reading my blog I thought I’d make It a bit more on the Positive side.my friend (I won’t say her name) isn’t going through the same things I am Because unlike me the guy she likes, likes her back. Apart from the fact that she isn’t really concentrating on her studies I’m absolutely happy for her because I’ve started to notice the little changes in her character Whenever she’s with him.she’s happier, she smiles more, she laughs at so many things she would usually say we’re crazy (she still thinks they’re crazy but she laughs…) I remember a time when she hardly ever laughed and I spent most of my time in school trying to put a smile on her face. Trying, just tryiNow this is why I’m happy, not just for her but for myself. I guess it’s a title selfish but I’ve got one of my closest friends back and that’s why this post is dedicated to her boyfriend. 

Although I didn’t like him to begin with he was able to do something I couldn’t do, something I needed to happen, and for that I am truly greatful.

as we all know, there are people in the world who we like and people who we don’t like, but what we need to be able to do is appreciate those who are just good. Those who have done something to help someone else, whether they know it or not. 

Lastly, don’t categorise someone because of past experiences. People are too varied to be simplified to such an extent and there is good in everyone… Even your enemies. 


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